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Jinsu optimal protective fence than normal protective fence
    If it is in the ordinary course of selecting protective fence,It can be generally adopts the normal process。But if in...
Protective fence precast demand
    With the development of our country's economy,Began to vigorously construction of railway,Roads and people's livelihood,Although theAG8亚游集团The student...
Railway line protection fence how to install
    Railway line protection fence believes that many people have seen in our daily life,Protective fence installation main railway lines...
Protective fence stinging cage manufacturers——Hebei
    Stinging roll cage and strongest blade thorn rope protection in the barbed wire series mainly used in prison wall protection,Machine...
How to ensure the construction quality of railway protective barrier
    How to ensure the construction quality of railway protective barrier 1、In the concrete base on railway protection fence post...
Major rail line protection fence construction progress
    Major rail line profile 1.Beijing-shenyang passenger dedicated lineTJ-9The start-stop mileage forDK537+873.53DK574+414.21,The line length...
All along the railway protection fence completion inspection and acceptance
    5Month2Solstice10Day,Preliminary into the yellow marks the hangzhou railway project acceptance。After all the staff34Months...
Destroy the protective metal mesh fence,Safety accident frequency
    Destroy the protective metal mesh fence,Frequent safety accidents Chinese railway has experienced six big acceleration。Not for a moment...

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       HebeiAG8亚游集团Wire mesh products co., LTD. Is the production of protective fence,Railway protective fence,Professional manufacturer of protective fence。Is located in hebei anpingxian,Now has developed into a protective fence production industry well-known enterprises,AG8亚游集团In the contract、Observe credibility、Quality win the market,Win the trust of users。
       Scale:My company has 11 welded wire mesh machines,The six volume mesh machines,Three jinsu mesh line,Automation line of electrostatic spraying network,Automation line of jinsu volume mesh,Two blasting machines,Powder production line two,Three bending machines,DA type of column production line,VA type of column production line。Advantage:The field location,Steel material accurate and reliable,Welding automation,High output,Jinsu equipments, etc,Is my the foundation for the development of the company for many years。Facing the increasingly fierce market competition,My company change ideas,Adjust the strategy, Turn the local advantages first strives for the survival,Strives for the development of core competitiveness。AG8亚游集团Has the advanced management experience,Production process and quality control means,For domestic customers with high quality is guaranteed。Products are sold to all over the country The ground,Won the general customers the high praise,Throughout the yearAG8亚游集团Emphasis on the quality of the products at the same time,Also actively communicate with customers,Understand customers' requirements,To realizeAG8亚游集团The shortage of the...


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